Retinal Tear

A retinal tear occurs when the clear, gel-like substance in the center of your eye (vitreous) shrinks and tugs on the thin layer of tissue lining the back of your eye (retina) with enough traction to cause a break in the tissue. It’s often accompanied by the sudden onset of symptoms such as floaters and flashing lights.

Risk factors are not required to develop a retinal tear, but they make the likelihood greater. These factors include:

  • Advanced age
  • Degree of myopia (nearsightedness)
  • Associated lattice degeneration (thin patches in the retina)
  • Trauma
  • Family history of retinal tears or detachment
  • Prior eye surgery

There is no way to predict who might develop a retinal tear or when it might occur.

We treat Retinal Tears at our Venice and Sarasota offices as well as the operating room.

Dr Plous also treats Retinal Detachment