Your Retina Care 24/7 in Venice, Sarasota, North Port, Englewood and Wellen Park from Dr. Oren Plous, Ophthalmologist


Our commitment is to provide you with state of the art diagnosis and treatment in our area of expertise - your eyesight - anytime you need us, day or night.

Who is the best person to treat retinal diseases of the eye? A board certified, fellowship trained retina specialist like Oren Plous, MD. Dr. Plous specializes in the medical and surgical management of diseases of the vitreous, choroid, and retina. Not just an Ophthalmologist, but a Retina Specialist who has had additional years of training and experience to provide you an extraordinary breadth of  knowledge and skills.

Can Dr. Plous manage your diabetic eye retinopathy, macular degeneration, macular holes, retinal vascular disorders, retinal tears and detachments, and all other degenerative, infectious, inflammatory, and traumatic posterior segment eye disorders? Absolutely!

Every day, Dr. Plous is studying ways to make eye care easier and more adaptable for you with convenient, clinic hours in Sarasota and Venice. That’s why Dr. Oren Plous, is available for your retina treatment or surgery if necessary 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.   The Sarasota office is located within walking distance to Sarasota Memorial Hospital.  And the stately Venice office is conveniently located between between I-75 and Tamiami Trail.

Is bigger always better? Gulf Coast Retina Center is locally and independently owned and operated.  This means you’ll never feel like just another corporate profit margin when you visit. And Dr. Plous is  happy to work with your physician for ocular management and treatment of your retinal disorders. He is committed to eliminating blindness and vision loss from any and all preventable or treatable retinal diseases.

Dr. Plous treats every patient with a warmth and sensitivity that recognizes their humanity, and their natural fear that they may lose their vision. Friendly, prompt services that will make you feel right at home.  You’ll be comfortable at our offices in Venice and Sarasota.

***** 5 star Google Review:

“I am so very grateful for the care I have received from Dr. Plous and his team. Dr Plous has patiently and empathetically supported me during a very challenging medical situation with my eye. I appreciate his no nonsense approach, his skill and expertise. It’s rare to find such a genuinely present physician who truly cares about being at his very best for his patients and getting the best possible outcome. Thanks to him, I have not lost my vision.”

“We are parents of your patient (name omitted) He has told us the wonderful treatment you have given him. In addition to your medical skill and expertise, you have provided him remarkable human care and kindness…scheduling appointments at times and places without regard to normal office hours.  You obviously sacrifice your time, energy and personal activities for the benefit of your patients.

“This letter is to let you know how much you are appreciated and how grateful we are to have you in our lives.”  July 30, 2021 The Villages

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